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LBI Winter Warriors Contest!

February 15 2012

LBI Winter Warriors contest teaser from Wrecking Crew videos on Vimeo.

LBI Locals only…best COLD water barrel riders and chargers of LBI competing for $$$$ and the top spot… Format break down- 24 surfers..3 rounds.. 6 heats in each round..4 surfers in each heat…20 min heats…. nobody loses or gets knocked out of heats, everyone surfs 3 times.. surfers single highest score from each round gets added up at the end of the day, highest total score wins. Top 3 get $$$$…strictly barrel contest… look forward to the highlight video in april.

updates and more info at-

New Penny Skateboards are in!

October 15 2011

Penny – The one and only original plastic skateboard.

Oh Penny we have missed you, but now you have finally returned!

Emerging in the mid-1970s, plastic injection- moulded skateboards were one of the finest & stylish skateboards out! With its sharp turns & small surface area, they are the perfect way to get you around town! Plus with its small size it never gets in your way and even fits in your backpack!

We are very pleased to announce that they are officially back, and are better than ever!

Penny is the original and Penny is Back!

Penny Skateboards


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