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Brian Farias took over the business in 2012.  Managing 6 store locations, prioritizing time with family and friends while trying to squeeze in a surf sesh whenever possible has him as one of the hardest people to pin down. If you visit one of the Farias locations you can almost guarantee that you will hear either an employee or customer ask: "is Brian here? Where is Brian?"  So, if you have not been lucky enough to catch him running through one of the stores, we were vigilant enough to pin him down for 5 minutes to answer 25 questions about himself.  Luring him in with coffee helped a bit.  Anyways here goes: 

  1. Where were you born?  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
  2. Favorite summertime memory from childhood? Coming to the beach every summer 
  3. What was your first job? At Farias - taking rust off bikes w/ steel wool
  4. What would you be doing for a job if it wasn’t this one? Probably something in engineering
  5. Hardest part of your job? That it's a full time job 365 days 24/7.
  6. Best part of the job? So many good parts…just being around the people that I choose to be around everyday.
  7. Favorite Surf spot? End of my street (29th Street, Beach Haven)
  8. Favorite Board to use there? 5’6 Christenson twin fin
  9. What was the last thing you ate?  Tile fish at Black Eyed Susans 
  10. Go to cocktail? Tequila, ginger beer and lime. 
  11. Favorite clothing item you own? My broken in selvedge denim Obey Jeans 
  12. Any hobby you would like to pick up? Woodworking
  13. Furthest place you’ve traveled? Telos Islands, Indonesia 
  14. Favorite gift you’ve ever received? My first surfboard 
  15. How do you take your coffee? With a little bit of homemade almond milk.
  16. If you could raid anyones board collection whose would it be? Bob Nugent's
  17. Favorite musician/band? Danksters
  18. Surf spot you want to still visit? Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
  19. Favorite post surf meal? Burrito
  20. Guilty pleasure? Dark Chocolate 
  21. Last person you talked to on the phone? Billy Mehl 
  22. Pet peeve? Cigarrette butts on the sidewalk 
  23. Least favorite food? Tofu
  24. Last book you read? Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell 
  25. How much did you hate answering these questions? Not at all.